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We’re experts in helping your branch managers, field leaders and practice management professionals more effectively accelerate your advisor's success. We assist financial institutions to scale their growth programs and adopt the technology, planning and practice management programs today’s advisors are looking for. That means attracting new advisors, retaining existing advisors and improving overall advisor engagement.

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The Benefits of Working with ActiFi


Combining technology capabilities, consulting services, and relevant content, we provide expertise and insight to accelerate advisor success in five key areas: Accelerated Advisor Growth, Improved Advisor Effectiveness, More Consistent Client Service, Enhanced Advisor Leadership, and Strategic Success.


Advisor Growth

Client Loyalty
Sales Pipeline Management
Prospect Conversion Process
Wallet Share
Introducing and Driving Success with Advice

Advisor Effectiveness

Business Planning and Tracking
Technology Usage (Financial Planning and CRM)
Process Capabilities
Change Management

Client Service

Client On-boarding Processes
Service Request Processes
Client Segmentation and Service Models



Advisor Coaching & Leadership

Advisor Retention
Coaching Programs
Branch Manager Development Programs
Relationship Management and Business Partner Programs

Strategic Success

Advisor Workstation Strategy
Change Management
CRM Adoption
Business Assessments

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • 5
    What we discovered through ActiFi’s program is that this is the ideal tool to help us grow and save us time. It’s a win-win for us and our clients!
    Carver Financial
    Randy Carver
  • 5
    ActiFi provided one of the best values I have experienced as an advisor. I learned valuable information that allowed me to efficiently zero in on areas that were most important to my clients.
    James Bryan
  • 5
    ActiFi’s program has been highly effective in helping the firm focus on key factors to achieve our goals. The solution allows us to measure “financial peace of mind” to the extent that we have tied it to our compensation plan. All associates are paid bonuses based on these metrics. We have built this program into our firm’s DNA and run ActiFi’s program every year. The value and benefit are outstanding.
    Chuck Steege, SFG Wealth Planning Services, Inc. Doylestown, PA
  • 5
    We engaged ActiFi to help us transition an existing advisory practice to our firm. This was an important project with high visibility, but one with which we did not have prior experience. ActiFi guided us around potential pitfalls and did a great job getting us off the ground quickly. With their knowledge and expertise we established the right milestones, and met them on time and in good order. Instructions and expectations were very clear. I appreciated their professionalism, honesty and integrity. They were great listeners and very good communicators. Overall it was a wonderful experience and the transition was highly successful. The way that ActiFi coordinated our transition meetings literally transformed our internal processes and served as a model for how we now run projects: documenting tasks, holding people accountable and running better meetings. ActiFi’s guidance was enormously helpful and we have adopted many of their methods as best practices.
    Litman Gregory Asset Management
    Jennifer Ceccarelli, CRCP, Partner, Chief Compliance Officer
  • 5
    For us, it’s very important that we work with partners who share our values. ActiFi is aligned with us on fundamentally improving the industry by helping advisors do better and by improving the client experience. They are connected to some of the largest, most forward-thinking firms in the country and act as a brain trust that we can tap into. ActiFi understands the importance of execution – the ability to do what you say you’re going to do – and they consistently deliver on that front. They are unbelievably reliable. Their people know what they’re doing and they do what they say they’re going to do. Working with ActiFi provides us with a lot of scale. Thanks to them, we have the ability to “accordion” and do a lot of transactions at one time or very few, which means I don’t have to hire an army of people. We’ve worked with ActiFi for many years now, and as we have grown, ActiFi has invested in themselves to maintain the standards we need to support our expansion. Partnering with ActiFi allows us to focus on the things we do really well.
    United Capital
    Joe Duran, CEO
  • 5
    Our firm had worked with other coaches in the past, but ActiFi delivered what the others could not. We expect a 20% increase in revenue over the next year based on enhancements to our client service model and internal operations that have opened up significantly more time for business development. They focused my attention on where I want to be and how I am going to get there. Together, we identified a new approach to planning, and then created a detailed, step-by-step action plan that turned the concept into reality. With this integral new strategy in place, ActiFi helped me develop a proactive communication program and persuasive marketing materials that are driving the message home with prospects and clients. Working with ActiFi was a profound eye-opening experience that highlighted the ways in which we could take our business to the next level.
    Legacy Financial Strategies, LLC
    Michael Lutz CFP®, Financial Advisor
  • 5
    After many years as a self-employed wealth manager, I was frustrated with the never-ending feeling of always having more to do than there was time to get done. While I loved the profession, I did not love my day-to-day workload. Small business owners wear many hats, and while you know what needs to be done, you don’t always get to it. Fortunately, ActiFi came into my life. Segmenting our clients was the critical breakthrough. Although I had read several articles over the years about doing this, it was ActiFi’s framework and coaching that finally made it happen. They helped us define what level of service to provide to each tier. Then, we established a series of procedures in our CRM so that service activities are consistent and easily repeatable. This enables us to deliver the appropriate level of service to each client on a schedule. They seem happy with the arrangement and I know our service is more consistent. Another big win for us in working with ActiFi is making sure that the right people are working on the right things. Through their coaching and helping us analyze our daily activities, we were able to reduce our support staff from two full-time equivalents to one, making us more profitable and efficient. Several operational tasks have been taken off my plate, and overall our firm’s time management has gotten so much better. ActiFi’s structured meetings, organizational tools, and feedback were invaluable. The hands-on coaching and especially the accountability made all the difference for me.
    Harrison – de Charon, LLC
    Jeanni Harrison, CFP®, Registered Investment Adviser
  • 5
    ActiFi put us through Business Development Basic Training! The program was successful as we blew by our annual revenue growth goal of 15% and posted a 30% uptick. For 90 days we logged all of our contacts with clients, prospects and COIs using the tools and scoring system ActiFi provided. This established a higher level of awareness as to how we spent our time, and we developed much better habits that will help spur future growth. Ongoing pipeline management is another area where ActiFi was instrumental. It was like an X-ray into our business that showed us very clearly where new clients come from and where we should be focusing time and energy. We defined and documented our sales cycle, and produced a common language and systematic approach for managing leads and prospects. We incorporated this into our opportunity tracker, and are now prepared to get the most from our sales pipeline. Thinking through our client service model and marrying that model to segmentation was probably the most valuable aspect of our work with ActiFi. We had not calculated how much it costs to serve our clients, nor had we tied service level to the fee schedule. ActiFi’s cost-capacity matrix was enormously helpful in this regard, and we created a system that fairly and equitably maps the time spent servicing a client with the revenue they generate. Now, not only are we better able to communicate our delivery model to existing clients, we are also more effective in describing the value our firm provides when presenting to prospects. Because of these enhancements and new processes, we have renewed conviction about who we are and how we want to service people. We know that we are doing good work, and that clients appreciate us and the service we deliver. We have confidence that a firm of our size can be successful. Our business is well positioned for the future, and the next generation is prepared to take over!
    Denver Money Manager
    Robert Grey AIF®, Aaron Grey CFP®, Joel Martin, Paula Grey
  • 5
    We experienced positive results right out of the gate with ActiFi. They are a strategic partner with lots of experience who understood our business very quickly. We appreciate having an independent third party to validate our theses and watch for internal bias. They bring insights from the industry that are incredibly valuable, and help prevent us from getting stuck in our own bubble. ActiFi assists us in meeting our growth objectives by facilitating the onboarding of firms and recruits quickly and effectively so that we can get revenue on the books faster. The improved internal processes they helped develop have resulted in a higher rate of return. Whether identifying a prospect, engaging a new client in the service model or delivering advice and planning consistently and effectively, ActiFi helped us define the key processes that drive our success. We are able to expand and contract our resource pool against a business that can have some lumpiness, and this expanded bandwidth helps us get through large projects. The ActiFi team knows our business really well and can deliver. We constantly hear positive feedback from advisors as to how ActiFi helped them navigate the complex onboarding process with ease and clarity. I feel that ActiFi is an organization in which every person represents a level of professionalism and knowledge of our business and industry that is unmatched. You’d rather do business with people you like, and ActiFi’s culture from top down is all about improving the lives and experience of the people they work with. That comes through in everything they do.
    United Capital
    Jason Del Col, Sr. Vice President, Advisory Services
  • 5
    ActiFi's Year in the Life system was a ‘V8’ moment for us! Looking at our business through this lens was invaluable. With ActiFi's tools, guidance and weekly accountability calls, we were able to shine a bright light on the limitations of our our key business functions, and actively work towards improving them. The models they provided were clear and easy to grasp, readily applicable to our unique circumstances, and simple to communicate to our team. Encouraging the staff to participate allowed them to take ownership of these workflows and apply their own energy and creativity toward problem solving. Because we're located in an area with very low unemployment, it is especially important that we hire, train and retain the best people. Our work with ActiFi resulted in enhanced procedures and materials that provide this result consistently. With these process improvements in place, our firm's owners and managers enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that critical tasks are completed accurately and on time. To other advisors I would say this: if you don’t take the time to systematize your high-value procedures, you may as well close your doors and throw away the key because you will not be successful.
    Christensen Brozek Faltys
    Jared Faltys, CPA, Principal
  • 5
    Abacus is known as a process-oriented firm, but ActiFi took us to a whole new level. What was once considered “un-doable” suddenly became “do-able”. After attending an ActiFi workshop, two of our associates developed and ran a training program for our team on developing and implementing processes. This training would not have gone well without the tools and knowledge gained from the workshop. This was a huge win for us as the practice of systematizing core business functions stopped being a top-down mandate and became a fully embraced bottom-up activity. "I had the privilege of organizing the 2012 NAPFA Larger Firm Exchange. The process workshops ActiFi delivered at this conference were outstanding! Advisors learned truly useful techniques they could apply in their own offices right away. We received rave reviews for their presentations, and people walked out the door completely blown away. I know several firms that went right back home and implemented the action plans ActiFi so expertly explained. The ActiFi workshop facilitators were superb: hands on, well informed and generous in sharing uplifting and enlightening strategies for advisor success.
    Abacus Planning Group
    Cheryl R. Holland, CFP®, President
  • 5
    ActiFi did a superb job helping us work through our strategic planning process. In the past, other consultants tried to implement their framework instead of embracing the way we think. What impressed me most about ActiFi was that they were very quick to adopt our language and our way of doing things versus using a canned approach or even the ‘ActiFi way.’ This ensured that when we rolled out our plan, there was complete understanding and buy-in from everyone on our team. In addition, ActiFi’s follow-through was exceptional.
    Chris Kerckhoff, President
  • 5
    ActiFi helped us solve one of our most pressing business objectives: creating a clear strategy to attract and fairly compensate a sales force, and set those individuals up for success. Through our coaching sessions with ActiFi, we were able to focus on developing and implementing a new program that is not only more attractive to job candidates, but that provides our firm with higher upside and much less risk. Thank you for all of your help! We couldn’t be more delighted in our work with ActiFi.
    Searcy Financial Services, Inc.
    Jessica Maldonado, AIFA®, PPC™, Vice President
  • 5
    The advisory business is very dynamic, and ActiFi plays a significant role in helping us stay abreast of the changing landscape. They really understand the lay of the land and the major shifts that are taking place. Part of my role is to ensure that we develop our tools and platform into a real competitive advantage. The input and information that ActiFi shares with us really helps me achieve that. It’s great to have a partner that can help us spot business opportunities. Working with ActiFi allows our management team to focus on our core competencies. We concentrate on those areas that represent the highest and best use of our time while leveraging ActiFi’s expertise with our advisors. They provide fine-tuned project management that accommodates all the twists and turns of our business. This has really worked out well for us. They are able to relate to new advisors in the language of our industry and present themselves as subject matter experts. ActiFi has a deep bench of experienced people who are ready to jump in and bring a lot of energy to help you solve whatever problem you face. They provide a framework for analysis and can be involved at the level you need them, whether strategic or tactical. Working with ActiFi has been very cost effective. There is a naturally lumpy cycle with our acquisition pipeline, so it’s nice to have a variable cost resource for this work.
    United Capital
    Mike Capelle, Sr. Vice President, Wealth Services Operations
  • 5
    As a sole practitioner, doing everything myself means that staying organized is both especially important and especially challenging. ActiFi really helped bring order and efficiency to my practice. With the guidance they provided, I am now able to ensure that client meetings fulfill two essential requirements: address client needs comprehensively and capitalize on revenue opportunities. Because of the structure we put in place, all of next week’s meetings are prepared by the end of this week. I am able to carefully consider what I am recommending and think through the entire planning process. This proactive focus on the big picture rather than a partial story results in the best possible service for my clients. Of course this cannot happen without planning and preparation, and ActiFi provided expert guidance in this area. Not only were the tools and methods helpful, ActiFi’s coaches took the time to figure out how I needed help and then kept me accountable. Because they work with advisors across the country, they know our issues and understand our challenges. I really appreciated being able to bounce ideas off of coaches with such a high level of knowledge and industry experience. ActiFi’s suggestions and coaching process helped me generate more income, create a better work/life balance, and enjoy the knowledge that my clients are receiving grade A service.
    Thrivent Financial
    Jeff DeCant, Financial Consultant
  • 5
    I listened to your amazing inspiring presentation twice in one day at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Queensland, Australia. I have read a lot of motivational books and attended many presentations for self-help but none have left a mark as you have—thank you. I have not even scratched the surface with the tools in what you have taught me but I know that this knowledge will help my business revenue and my value proposition increase more than my competitors. THANK YOU!
    Pivotal Planning
    Anthony Wright, Financial Adviser
  • 5
    This has been our best year yet thanks in large part to the Client Engagement program and our follow up from the results and analysis we received.
    Cambridge Investment Research
    Jim Hallett
  • 5
    We found the Client Engagement program particularly useful in our strategic planning. Some of the specific applications resulting from the program include an evaluation of the frequency of client meetings, methods to leverage our support staff and developing a more coherent strategy for client referrals. The Client Engagement program has given us a context to frame business direction and decisions.
    Accredited Investors
    Ross Levin