ActiFi for Advisors

Are you a successful advisor who is ready to build the value of your business, bring on more staff, and improve the client experience? Do you see your gross income increasing but your bottom line decreasing? If you answered yes, then ActiFi has an Advisor Solution for you.

ActiFi for Institutions

Are you a financial institution looking to provide value to your advisor clients? Do you have a practice management team, a relationship team, or a sales team in need of solutions to help provide greater service to more clients? Do you need new ways to generate more revenue and increase your profits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ActiFi has an Institutional Solution for you.

Client Engagement

A new program from ActiFi that find sales opportunities and engages more effectively with your existing clients!

  • Would you like to know which of your clients are comfortable providing a referral? Or which clients need life insurance?
  • How about which of your clients are at risk? And, how to prevent them from leaving?

The ActiFi Client Engagement Program will give you this and much more! With three ways for you to participate, we give you unique insights into your clients…and make you more money!

Recent News

CRM Selection Program kicks-off Success Series

The CRM Selection Program focuses on key insights and major trends impacting the leading financial advisory CRM solutions. A free Education Option is available along with a Personalized Option that adds access to our innovative online CRM Selection Tool .


New Advisor Success Series

We are excited to announce the launch of the Advisor Success Series, an innovative series of programs designed to help financial advisors run exceptional businesses. The Series will consist of reports, webinars, and online tools and resources developed through quantitative research, trend analysis, and best practices garnered from working with the nation’s top advisory practices and the institutions that serve them. Learn more at

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